Fishing Reports

Mercer Wisconsin Fishing Reports

04/18/16-reported by Jeff Robl "Bobber Down Guide Service" Turtle Flambeau Flowage


Opening day for game fish in northern Wisconsin is May 7th.
There will be some new regs for the Turtle Flambeau Flowage and Trude Lake this year regarding smallmouth bass. The season opens the third Saturday in June as usual but the new rules are a limit of 5 per day either all under 14" or 4 under 14" and one 18" or over. The previous limit was two per day ,15" or over.

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01/12/2016- reported by Jeff Robl "Bobber Down Guide Service" Turtle Flambeau Flowage

"Current temperature 0* don't know if it got above that today, haven't had one yet but the beverages on the tile floor in the back hallway doesn't need to go in the fridge before drinking. It has been cold the last several days even with a little new snow cover it should be making ice. With unknown ice thickness, mobility has been limited to this point, the bay I've had my shanty in as of a few days ago had 7" of ice. I still hadn't seen anyone drive across the Baraboo lake basin at that time. I will be testing the ice on Thursday in different areas on the flowage will post on Thursday but probably not until 7 or 8 pm. Hopefully the thin ice conditions are behind us, it was a treacherous start on some of the area lakes. I suspect maybe someone else will post an ice report sooner but, f someone needs info sooner than Thursday evening they can try my phone in the afternoon. The little fishing I have done so far has been with mixed results, looking forward to the weekend."



12/30/15 - reported by Jeff Robl "Bobber Down Guide Service"


"Out ice fishing for the first time this season with son Cory up visiting. We went off of Fisherman's landing there were a half dozen trucks at the landing, going out with 4 wheelers, walking and us with a snowmobile. We fished a few hours late in the day and didn't venture too far out, there was a consistent 6" of ice in the approximate 1/2 mile area we drilled holes. I believe the conditions for the flowage as a whole are still hazardous I know it didn't freeze uniformly, I would assume there are a lot of areas still unsafe. A solid 6" inches of ice will support a tremendous amount of weight but a consistent sheet is key. That being said there are safe areas to fish but one can't just hop on a 4 wheeler or snowmobile and go anywhere. I am usually deer hunting until mid december and by the time I start ice fishing there is almost a foot of ice on the flowage. Haven't fished on thin ice in quite a few years, it was a little unnerving drilling the first hole it sure didn't look like 6 " but did confirm with a tape measure. The fishing for us today was slow along with the other groups near us, had a few flags did catch a muskie. But it sure was nice to be out ice fishing. Planning on pulling the shanty out tomorrow with two snowmobiles, hence do have confidence in the ice in specific areas. Have fun , stay safe."