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Fishing Reports for Mercer Wisconsin



7/19/14 5:59 AM CST

Conditions: Partly Sunny Air Temp: 66° - 70° F Water Temp: 66° - 70° F


The walleye bite yesterday was very good we didn't find big fish but did catch a lot of fish up to 15". We caught and released some 16-18" smallmouth. Fish were caught on slip bobbers, casting 1/8 oz. slow falls, a few on dead sticks, a number of fish were caught vertical jigging, crawlers and leeches were used for bait.


One area that produced a number of fish was the windward edge of an 8' flat, the fish were not up on the 8' but on the edge in 10-11' there were stumps on the edge of the flat. We also did well fishing 13-14' areas with sand bottom, some rocks and stumps, a great combination.


Friends Sam and Dillon came to Mercer from southern Wisconsin to fish, their six friends came to four wheel. There are some great trails in the Mercer area for four wheeling.


Jeff Robl

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 Hartigan Fishing report.

7/13/2014  4:44pm


The last week or so the best walleye bite has been on flats of 12 to 14ft with scattered wood.  The walleye that we have been catching have small leeches stuck to the roof of their mouths, so that can mean they are feeding in mud.  The mayfly larva that are down in the mud seemed to be just starting to come out which is attracting all types of fish.  We have still not had a major mayfly hatch, although I have seen the remnants of a hatch with almost no adults on the water.  I do not think we will have a major hatch this late in the year, but I may be wrong.  With the high bluebird sky's and high pressure we had, some day's the best bite was on a dead stick off the side of the boat.  Walleyes, smallmouth, perch, and some big bluegill were all hitting a small jig suspended 6 inches off the bottom with a minnow or half a crawler on it. It seemed like the least amount of movement caught the most fish.  Today was a different story as the change in weather made the fish very aggressive.  The walleye were on drop offs and were so aggressive that we even had a 20 inch plus fish try to grab a 10 inch fish as we were lifting it in the boat.

 Musky have been active all week with most of the fish hitting surface baits or medium sized bucktails.  The bigger walleyes should be starting to use the new weeds as they come up and start chasing minnows.  A beetle spin and minnow pulled through the weeds can be deadly under the right conditions.  Deep wood and cribs are just starting to get hot with perch, bluegills and crappies.

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