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Fishing Reports for Mercer Wisconsin


3/29/14 11:16 AM CST


I've been getting e-mails on ice out predictions, that's a real tough call, statistically the odds of having ice on opening weekend are about 5% maybe a little less. This winter hasn't fit into those parameters, the first three days this week the morning temps started at -14-16, Friday we got 4-6" of wet heavy snow. The ice isn't as thick as a lot of years because of snow cover since dec. but the winter is hanging on. A possible favorable factor will be the deluge of runoff about to come in on both ends of the flowage, this warmer water may flow on top of the ice and help melt or sink the ice, the flowage is drawn way down right now to take up all the water. I'm in Oshkosh this weekend, its like being on a different planet so its probably hard for most people to imagine the conditions in northern Wi.


A lot will change in the next 35 days but a year like last opener is certainly in the realm of possibilities. If anyone wants to see what last year was like go back to page 24.




If the conditions are similar to last year, Wednesday April 30th I'll put my boat in by the county landing where the Turtle river flows in, then drive over to Murrays Landing and take a boat ride on that end and let people know how much water there is to fish. I'm sure many people will be on the fence as to whether or not to come up.




DLAMA2 if I don't book any guide trips for the opener I'm going camping Thursday, be at r-40 or in the narrows. Saturday, cocktail hour and fish fry couple hours before dark. I don't plan on having hot dogs on the menu, the fishing can't possibly be as bad as last year opening day. Jeff








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