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Reported by Jeff Robl "Bobber Down Guide Service"


Waning Gibbous




66° - 70° F


56° - 60° F


We had 5 consecutive days of bright sunny skies and almost no wind. Those days we searched and caught walleyes in deeper water 12-24'. We also caught perch in 12-14' soft bottom and logs. We didn't downsize minnows for the perch, still used the extra large fatheads though ounce we knew there were numbers of perch did cull for smaller of the big minnows.


We had many of those 5 days where we did well in the morning but the afternoon really died for us. Some of those days we caught good numbers but on the small range, many not keepers had to catch a bunch to get some to make the cut. A lot of what we fished was deep wood and some rock.


One of the most enjoyable things about fishing the TFF for me is what is a fairly common occurrence and happened Saturday. I had a couple who came from Tomahawk to take a day off of fishing the Willow. We were driving slow over to our next spot, I was watching the gizmo when I saw some structure I didn't have marked and fish on it. I swung back around and threw the buoy out then anchored. Counting our previous fish we caught 18 walleyes between 8:30-10:30, most around 14". 


Today was one of those days you know the fish are biting, a little cloud cover and finally some wind, big wind, I'm guessing 20-25. Picked up father and son at Donner's Bay. First spot, after less then the usual time frame I was ready to move, we were there maybe 10 min. once we had all the lines out ,0 fish, 10' small depression with stumps. Next spot underwater point, extending from shore with rock/wood 8', I caught a small W casting, released. We stayed longer because I had to re-rig a couple broke off bobber poles. When I  have that feeling they are snappin I have even less patience than usual, its like the excitement of fishing in a tournament. Third spot, steep slope from 5-10' with tangelly (spell check says tangelo, I'll stick with what I got) wood and roots, we kept a 9 fish limit of 14-18" walleyes. I had both anchors and all 100' of line on each anchor out to hold.


Father and son Andy and Paul had a great time catching (and eating) walleyes. We went back to Donner's and got their bait casters and tackle boxes with bass baits. I was happy to have my first chance this year putting on the hunt for smallmouth. We threw crankbaits over shallow boulders and did pretty well, they weren't thick in the shallow rocks yet but we boated around 15 on the crank baits. Andy did the best throwing a strange purple/orange colored rattle trap, something I'll be adding to my arsenal.




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Reported by Jeff Robl "Bobber Down Guide Service"
5/15/16 @ 11:25 PM


Water Temp 51° - 55° F


If you didn't travel north this weekend because of the forecast you missed out on a lot of fun, ice fishing clothes, winter boots, hand warmers and the opportunity to open water fish with snow coming down. The nice weather started on Friday, I had the chance to spend the day with three retired gentleman from Rockford. We had an ok morning catching walleyes, a couple nice crappies a perch and a pike. The afternoon however got real slow, the crew made it for a full 8 hours with a lot of good laughs. Our fish were caught in 8' rocks and wood, 10-12 wood and 16' river channel with wood. Woke up Saturday morning with snow on the ground and a strong NW wind. We started later morning in anticipation of the cold day. Scott was waiting at the dock with full ice fishing attire on. He said I've read your posts you've mentioned several times, a cold front in May is the toughest conditions, yep this is a worst case scenario . I greet each day with enthusiasm, but am honest, I told him I was looking forward to going out, it was going to be interesting to see if we would even catch a fish. We didn't have a shore lunch planned but if we had, I would have been digging in my freezer hoping to find a package of fish to thaw out. Scott came to fish, we started out on 13' wood on a flat and caught a fish, then 12-14 wood on the edge of a channel, caught a couple more fish... at days end we had endured occasional snow or ice balls, not sure at times what it was and caught 12 walleyes in water from 12-19' I was very happy. Today with the same fisherman and another dismal cold nw wind , though the 50* air felt warm compared to yesterday. We pounded a lot of spots with no hungry fish, hit one that had some 17-18" fish on it, a 9-10' hump with big stumps, then found fish in a 16-19' soft bottom spot to end up with a nice catch of fish. We enjoyed a shore dinner at the end of the day, I had the pleasure of spending days in the boat with some very passionate fisherman willing to fish in some less than fun conditions the last week.  




Thank you, better weather ahead.


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